Why You Should Love Luna Lovegood*

Why You Should Love Luna Lovegood*

I thought it was about time I did a proper Harry Potter post! But instead of showing off merchandise or moaning about how rubbish the Geek Gear box is I thought I would talk about one of my favourite characters in both the books and the films!

Luna Lovegood

Yep, you read that right! My favourite character is Luna Lovegood! In fact, I often say that I am in fact the Hufflepuff version of Luna herself! Yes, I have the blonde hair and the converse, but I also have a whole repertoire of interesting information that not many other people think is that interesting! But enough about me, here is why you should love Luna!


She never gives up on Harry

Even when the entire wizarding world, including her own father, had turned their backs on the chosen one she didn’t. Even when she was taken and locked up by Bellatrix she never stopped believing in him. To me, that just shows how loyal she is to the ones she loves and is an attribute to be admired.

She was always herself

Luna wasn’t fussed that people stole and had her clothes and shoes, in fact, she just blamed the nargles! she didn’t seem fussed when people thought she was a tad odd! In fact, she continued to be herself. She didn’t care if those around her thought that nargles or wrackspurts didn’t exist because in her heart of hearts she knew they did! This I believe makes her incredibly strong, and it is a strength I have always endeavoured to have.

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She is a pure soul

It takes a very special person to be simply kind to all. Luna is indeed that kind of person. She is a kind soul and I think we could all learn to be a little more like Luna. She accepts everyone as they come and just wishes to spread to spread a little bit of acceptance into the world!

You can discover Luna’s kindness and the rest of the wizarding world with HD Televisions Panasonic! I would love to know your thoughts on Luna and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this one in the comments!

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