Why I love Charity Shops

Why I love Charity Shops

I remember as a kid on holiday my dad would insist on going into every charity shop he saw and I would hate it! It was his weird little obsession, but only when we were on holiday in Dorset. It was almost as though he knew they held a secret that he had to discover. As I have spoken about before I moved out of my parents when I was 18 and haven’t been on holiday with them since then. This also meant I hadn’t entered a charity shop since those holidays! I donate to charity shops all the time, but actually, walk into one? That wasn’t something I did. Until recently.

My Great Find

I know I keep saying it, but I recently decided to write more about the wizarding world. As part of that, I have planned some DIY ideas. One of these ideas, in particular, needed the pages out of a Harry Potter book. I was in no way planning on buying a £15 book just to rip up so I headed to the only other place I could think of, the charity shops!

I got on the bus and walked into every charity shop I could find in Gloucester City Centre. To no avail, I wandered into the last store, The British Heart Foundation store on Westgate Street. And I found what I was after! A paperback version of the Philosophers Stone! Just as I was about to head to the till three other books caught my eye! Hardback editions of the Goblet of Fire, Half-Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix. At £3 each I couldn’t resist but add them to my collection! The cover art is my favourite out of all the different covers they have produced so it was an easy decision.

The Discovery

It wasn’t till later in the day I decided to open them. They had that glorious old book smell but on the page, with the publisher’s details, they each had two very exciting words. First Edition. Although I didn’t care for their monetary worth I was rather excited!

This tweet attracted the attention of a local journalist. I would link the articles that were subsequently written but I wouldn’t wish to torture you with that rubbish! Gloucestershire Live,  the Metro and The Sun failed to do any research and claimed they were worth thousands of pounds. In reality, I would be lucky if I even got £30.

My excitement was in fact over the fact I now owned original bits of merchandise. Sad that society only sees the financial gain from everything!

So why did I allow these articles to be written? Well, they are all contacts I can now use when I am in uni! Selfish maybe? But you need to get ahead of the game somehow!

Have you found anything exciting in a charity shop before? I would love to know your stories in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Why I love Charity Shops

  1. Love this, nothing like a good charity shop find – good for you ! I only go into charity shops for books – you never know what you might find…and I don’t mean first editions haha ( though that’s a bonus!)

  2. I found a days light weight wheelchair and being a wheelchair user myself and mines being a heavy nhs one I took it as it was only £25 which was a bargain and it worked for me as it didn’t weight a tone. Most of the time when it comes to mobility or accessible equipment another good few pounds or thousand is added to the price tag because of the market for those kind of things.

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