Where It All Started – Candle Box From Burning Fiction

Where It All Started – Candle Box From Burning Fiction

I have fallen down the rabbit hole. The rabbit hole that is bookish candles! First, it was bookmarks and now I simply cannot get enough of pretty hand-poured candles inspired by my favourite films and books! Today I thought I would share a bunch of candles I recently bought from Burning Fiction!

Burning Fiction

Burning Fiction is an incredibly small candle store on Etsy. Based in Scotland it is run the lovely G aka Book Roast! She is one of my absolute favourite YouTubers at the moment and I especially love her unboxing videos! Personally, I wouldn’t know what to do with so many subscription boxes!

Where It All Started

Just like me, G is a massive Harry Potter fan and wanted to create something to celebrate and symbolise the book that introduced most people to the wizarding world! That book is, of course, The Philosophers Stone or The Sorcerers Stone as it is known as in America. Although this book wasn’t my introduction to the wizarding world I just had to get my hands on this box!

There were only a small number of boxes created and unfortunately they sold at pretty quick. Luckily I was that sad person who had an alarm set on her phone and bought them pretty much as soon as they were listed on Etsy! The box cost £20.99 with £4.79 shipping. Overal I thought this was a super affordable price especially as you were getting five candles!

What Was in the Box

As I just mentioned, this box contained five candles, four tin candles and one standard glass jar candle! When I opened the box they were so beautifully wrapped. I quite liked the black tissue paper within the white box. Such a stark contrast made it feel even more magical! But enough of my rambling let’s get onto what was actually in the box!

The Boy Who Lived

Let’s start off with the four tins, the first of which being The Boy Who Lived. This candle obviously pays homage to the first chapter of which this candle shares its name. The sents are Lilly (after Harry’s mother of course), Meadow and Cotton. The label and the candle itself is a beautiful green colour which I can only guess was inspired by Harrys eyes. Eyes that many a character point out by saying ‘you have your mother’s eyes, Harry’. The sent itself is quite a strong one, yet still has an air of freshness to it. Unlike many candles that contain green scents, this one doesn’t trigger my hayfever!


Hagrid’s beloved Fluffy! We first introduced to Fluffy while he snoozed over the trap door leading to the Philosophers Stone. This candle smells like Forbidden Forest Fruits and Vetiver. I personally think it smells like a Lush Bath Bomb.

Chocolate Frog

Now I got incredibly excited when I saw the name of this candle! Anyone who knows me will know how much I love snacking on Chocolate Frogs and collecting the wizard cards! This candle is a yummy chocolate brown colour and is Chocolate and Orange scented! Unfortunately, this Chocolate Frog didn’t come with a wizard card but at least it won’t hop off before I get a chance to eat it!

Diagon Alley

My favourite place in the wizarding world. With all the shops and hubbub of activity, I would love to spend my days in Diagon Alley! This is of course where Harry first experiences the wizarding world and got his very first wand from Olivanders! This candle is a warm orange colour and smells like Freshly Baked Pastries, Wands and Camomile! This is probably my favourite candle! I’m a sucker for baked goods! I am a Hufflepuff after all!

Philosophers Stone

This wouldn’t be a box of candles celebrating the first book without containing its namesake! This candle is, of course, the glass jar candle! The label is an absolutely stunning piece of art, featuring a watercolour style painting of the Philosophers Stone itself. This candle smells of Ancient Fire, Rhubarb and Vanilla. Although the Vanilla is strong I love the sweetness of the Rhubarb that cuts through the candle.

Overall I loved this box! I will probably never be able to burn them but they will look beautiful amongst my collection of Harry Potter merch in September! I hope G decides to create a box for each of the books now!

6 thoughts on “Where It All Started – Candle Box From Burning Fiction

  1. This is such an awesome combination! I love harry potter and I love candles! 🙂 It’s really a great idea and I hope they’ll ship to The Netherlands too 🙂
    xoxo Annaleid

    1. I’m pretty sure she shipped internationally! You will have to keep an eye out for when she releases something new! ?

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