What’s in my bag featuring Anna Grace London

What’s in my bag featuring Anna Grace London

Don’t you just love being nosey at what people have in there bags? I know I do. It really can tell you something about a person. Because of this, I have decided to finally let you have a peek into my bag!

The Bag!

The bag I am currently using is this fab nude shoulder bag lovingly sent to me by the amazing Anna Grace London! Honestly, this is the perfect blogger bag! Not only is it super stylish, it is super practical, it even fits my super chunky laptop in it! They also sent me this super fluffy heart-shaped pompom charm that I absolutely adore! The bag itself features one outside pocket and one inside pocket that zips up and two internal ‘phone’ pockets, that are perfect for popping a bottle of perfume in!

The Crap I Carry Around With Me!

And yes it really is crap! If I’m honest I actually had a massive clear out of about 20 receipts and other odd bits of paper before writing this! So let’s start with the obvious! I always try to match my purse to my bag but I am still yet to get one to match this bag. Due to this, I am still using my Floosie pink studded purse that is bursting with loyalty cards and about 50p in coppers…

I am forever coming down with colds so I tend to have at least one pack of cold and flu tablets with me at all times! I also tend to carry paracetamol with me as you never know when a headache will strike! Now I must seem like such a mummy as the next thing I have is a box of plasters! Despite banging on to all my friends how good The Body Shop hand creams are I’m terrible at actually using them so I often get split skin at my nail beds (I’m not sure if that is the right term…) so plasters are handy in preventing me from swearing every time I try and pick up notes at work!

Blogging Supplies!

You never know when inspiration will strike so I always have my Blog Planner from Dot Creates with me along with some pencils. If I know I’m going out for the day (even just into town) I take my camera with me! I hate seeing something photo worthy and only have the terrible camera on my phone to play with!

Portable beauty queen…!

Now I definitely don’t carry my entire makeup bag with me everywhere I go but I do chuck some of my essential items in my bag! The Body Shop Lip Butters are my new all-time favourite product! I had never tried them before becoming an at home consultant and I am mad at myself for not doing so!! They are the perfect way to prime your lips before applying The Body Shops Lip Liquids which believe it or not are also sat in my bag right now! I tend to keep more natural, neutral shades on me when I am on the go. At the moment I have 032 Windsor Rose and 034 Nairobi Camellia in my zip up pocket! If you weren’t aware already I am pretty obsessed with perfumes! This means I often carry at least two with me at all times! Currently, I have 007 for women and my twist and spritz with Chanel Gabrielle in! And keeping with fragrance I always have a can of deodorant and an essential oil roll on with me at all times!

I hope this post has given you an interesting insight into me as a person and you can check out Anna Grace London on Instagram and Twitter. And if you want to find out more about the body shop products mentioned in this post you can join my exclusive Facebook group here!

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