What Is In My Makeup Bag: Everyday Makeup

What Is In My Makeup Bag: Everyday Makeup

Today I thought I would share with you what my everyday makeup look consists of! Now, I don’t wear makeup every day because I am just too lazy for that! But when I do I tend to stick to the same routine. This probably won’t be the most interesting blog post but here it is none the less!

The Base

So to begin with I always scrape my hair back with this kitty ears headband from Claires and chuck on some moisturiser. I tend to use this youth fresh emulsion from The Body Shop as it not only does it really help with my dry skin but it also contains SPF 20 which is just super practical! Once that has soaked in I use the worlds best primer! You may have seen me rave about it on Instagram but it is the Wilko’s primer that is just £3.00. And before you ask I have worn other primers before (Benefit Porefection, The Body Shop Instablur and Evio Green Tea Primer) and it just performs so much better than they did!

The Face

Now like many people I know I mix two foundations together! This is because my skin can be super awkward and one foundation really doesn’t work for all! I use Collection Colour Match in shade 2 (ivory) and Collection Naturally Matt in shade 1 (porcelain). I then use a concealer on the dark circles that I got from Asda that is in shade 2 (medium). I then finish it off with the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder in shade 2 (medium). The foundation itself is applied with a beauty blender from BellaPierre and the powder is applied using the Face & Body Brush from The Body Shop. Also, I completely forgot to take a photo of the powder and concealer so I do apologise for being too lazy to go back downstairs and do that!

The Eyes

First off I use an eyeshadow primer from Makeup Revolution (which I may have forgotten to add to this photo also…) that I got in, my advent calendar! Next up is my go-to eyeshadow palette! I am in love with the Fortune Favours The Brave palette from Makeup Revolution. At the moment I am loving the pink shades as it just adds a little bit of sparkle to my day! I then use the Smoky Eye Definer from The Body Shop on my waterline and then use the NYX More To Love mascara on my top lashes! The eyeshadows are applied with the Eyeshadow Brush and Eyeshadow Blender Brush from The Body Shop.

The Blush

Now I am definitely a blush girl! And right now my favourite blush is this one from Manna Kadar Beauty in the shade Fantasy. Although I am sure this is supposed to be used as more of a pinky highlighter I just love it as a blush! I apply my blush with a blush brush from Wilko!

The Lips

If I am headed to work I tend to stick to more neutral shades! As I have mentioned before I love the Lip Liquids from The Body Shop! They are so easy to apply and don’t disappear straight away either!

So that is it! I didn’t quite realise how much makeup I used until I wrote this post! If you want to get your hands on any of The Body Shop items I have mentioned then please join my exclusive The Body Shop At Home facebook group!

4 thoughts on “What Is In My Makeup Bag: Everyday Makeup

  1. The Body Shop lip liquids are my favourite! My go to shades are Nairobi Camellia and Mauritius Dahlia and I’m in love with the metallic ones they had at Christmas too! I was never a big fan of Instablur either :/
    Alice Xx

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