What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

Did you all have a great Christmas? I know I did.
So you will probably read a gazillion post just like this but that’s probably because they are so fun to write lol!!!
So lets get into it!! Now first off I am going to apologise, I don’t have any pictures of my presents as I am super unorganised but I will post a picture on instagram later.

So First of all I got a lynx gift set!! Ever since lynx released their female fragrance I have received it every year.
The next present I got was a black cape that fastens at the front and a super fluffy bright pink dressing gown. I freaking love this dressing gown it is sooo cosy like you would not believe.
Now this is quite possibly my favourite present!!! My dad is an absolute legend and I’m not going to lie I never really thought he paid all that much attention to my hobbies and my interests since I stopped running but apparently I  was very wrong!!! Completely off his own back he went and did a bit of googling and bought me some jewellery and crafting tools!!! I cannot wait to use them!!!
I also got a lovely pair of biker style boots that have the most amazing cushioning i have ever experience in a pair of boots before!!!

Now I also bought myself a couple of Christmas treats!!! You know those moments when you are out buying things for other people and you are like ‘you know who would like that? I would like that’ well
I had that moment three times!!! So my first ‘me’ present was a beautiful maybelline make up set that included a beautiful pink lipstick, a mascara, a contour palette and their 24 hour colour tattoo eyeshadow.
I also bought myself a lovely gift set by Baylis and Harding’s Beauticology range. This set includes a shower creme in strawberry swirl, a body lotion in pink peppermint  candy swirl, a body wash in cherry candy cane; this all came in an absolutely amazing red glittery clutch/cosmetics bag!!!
The final item I bought was a Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler curling wand!!!! I cannot wait to use this!!! I absolutely adore when my hair is curly especially when I have all my funky colours in my hair!!!

So I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please comment with what your favourite present was this year and what your worse ever present has been. I look forward to reading your comments!!!

Much love
Hayley Beth XXX

Snapchat: lovehayleybeth

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