What I Bought Today | 28th January 2017

What I Bought Today | 28th January 2017

I did a very bad thing today. I walked into The Body Shop. and yes I did spend far too much money. But the staff in my local store are just so lovely you kinda cant help emptying your bank account into their tills!!!
All I wanted was the new InstaBlur which is very much like Benefits Pore-fessional which I received in my birchbox in December but is a lot cheaper!!! So this was £15 for a 25ml tube and I cant wait to give it a try!!
So that was it I was happy i had found what I came in for when the lovely lady behind the till asked if i wanted to try the new Drops of Youth Liquid Peel. Now I’m not one to turn down a cheeky tester and boy was this good!!! the amount of dead skin to peel of the back of my hand was amazing!!! So obviously I had to buy that as well. So this was also £15 for a 145ml bottle. She then had to go and ask if I had any other concerns with my skin. Now my current issue is that my skin is just covered in black heads. I have literally tried everything and nothing works so she then showed me their tea tree range. Now I love tea tree oil, it does absolute wonders for my hair so hopefully my face should also reap the benefits. So in a bid to banish those black heads I bought one of their Christmas box sets. So the one I bought contains a 125ml tube of 3-in-1 wash, scrub, mask and an anti-imperfection serum. Because it was a Christmas set it was reduced from £18 to £12.

I can’t wait to try these lovely products out and a big shout out to Mandy in the Gloucester store, you were such a brilliant help.

As Always
Love Hayley Beth XXX

Youth Liquid Peel
Tea Tree Rescue Kit

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