What a Beautiful Day

What a Beautiful Day

Happy Saturday!!!
Today I woke up and all I wanted to do was make something. Get all crafty again!!!
Typical me I didn’t know what to make all I knew is that I wanted to try something new. So to help me decide I went for a walk into town and let me tel you the weather was beautiful. Check out this gorgeous picture of the Cathedral I took.

This has been a long week and ever muscle in my body was starting to ache while i was waking around so I decided to try my hand at making bath bombs!!
I made two varieties; lavender and, green tea and cucumber. Honestly I was surprised how easy they were to make. I found a simple recipe on the diy projects for teens site. Unfortunately I don’t have a bath so my sister will be testing them out next week for me!!!
If they work as they are supposed to I will be selling them over on my depop page for just £2.50 each!! They will be made to order and I really wanna try out loads of different colour combinations, shapes and scents so please feel free to request anything no matter how crazy it is!!!!
The bath bombs are currently drying so I don’t have a picture of them at the moment but keep an eye on my instagram later.

As Always
Love Hayley Beth

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