Urban Apothecary Review

Urban Apothecary Review

I am slightly obsessed with candles. In February alone I have bought four new candles! But to make things more exciting I have bought a new brand of candle and that brand is Urban Apothecary. Although I am aware that they are not a new brand in this world they are new to me!

I picked up two of their candles in the Boots sale at the start of February! These were just £4.50 each and I thought that was an awesome bargain! The two scents I chose were Mint Creme and Lemon Meringue. After having a quick look online it appears that these scents are not part of their usual range but you may be able to find them in stores like TKmaxx.

Mint Creme

This candle has such a potent smell whilst in the jar, I was slightly scared to burn it. I was pleasantly surprised that it has a rather subtle scent when being burned. The minty scent is quite refreshing yet relaxing at the same time! This is sure to become one of my favourite candles to burn while working on the blog!

Lemon Meringue

Much like the Mint Creme, this candle smells potent before burning. In fact, it has a rather sickly scent. I personally wasn’t able to smell much while it was burning which is slightly disappointing. The only upside is that the scent will fill the house when it isn’t lit so I guess you do get something from it!

Overall I think these candles were well worth the money I spent! I will be sure to look out for the Mint Creme sent again in the future along with some of their other scents! The Lemon Meringue, however, will not be repurchased; it’s just far too sickly in the jar for my tastes!

Have you ever tried Urban Apothecary candles before? Tell me what you thought of them in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Urban Apothecary Review

  1. I bought two scented candles once. One of them smells so bad that we don’t use it. The other is lavender, it’s the best. Have never tried Urban Apothecary, maybe would give the mint creme a try. Sounds like I might like the scent 🙂

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