Time for a Doodle with Lady Gabe

Time for a Doodle with Lady Gabe

Hello! Now I know I said my blog and Instagram may go on a back burner for a while but when inspiration strikes I just have to write!

Today I wanted to introduce you to the awesome Lady Gabe. Lady Gabe (also known as Hannah) is a fabulous artist based in Cheltenham. I first met Hannah at a birthday party for a small independent store where she was doing her five-minute doodles!

Five Minute Doodles

Now when meeting Hannah for the first time I didn’t get one of her doodles done and I have regretted it for the longest time! Luckily she recently put on her Instagram that she was opening up ten slots for digital doodles! There were three different price bands as such. It was £5 for a doodle of one person or £10 for a doodle of two people. It was the £7.50 for a doodle of one person and a pet. If you went for the £7.50 or £10 options these were done in 10 minutes as opposed to five. The doodles were also done in black and white and would be emailed to you by the end of the week!

My Doodle

Me being slightly weird I didn’t just want a normal doodle of myself sat on my laptop or drinking a coffee. Oh no! Instead I asked for a doodle of me as a Hufflepuff student with a cute little niffler! This doodle cost me £7.50 and was done in a time frame of 10 minutes.

Because Hannah had a little extra time before her timer went off she also added a bit of yellow to make it a true Hufflepuff uniform!

I am completely in love with what she has created and not only did she send me the doodle itself but she also sent be the timelapse of her creating it!


Now I thought I would take this opportunity to share what else Hannah does. Like many creatives, she also has an Etsy store! She sells a range of greetings cards and jewellery along with commisions for more detailed doodles and portraits! I myself have previously bought one of her Hufflepuff necklaces and I will be sure to buy more in the future!

If you love the look of my doodle be sure to give Lady Gabe a follow on Instagram and keep your eyes open for her next lot of doodle slots! If you were to get a doodle what would you like Lady Gabe to do? Let me know in the comments!

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