This Is Not My Gloucester

This Is Not My Gloucester

What is wrong with people in Gloucester at the moment?
Since when was it the norm to carry a knife and use it?
Since when was it no longer shocking to hear that another person has been stabbed or that there has been an attempted stabbing?
Is Gloucester really that bad of a place to be these days is it really that dangerous that we have to be prepared to protect ourselves this is no longer the Middle Ages where everyone carried swords to protect themselves from bandits.
We have progressed from that so why is it now, this week that so many people have been hurt.
Why is there a family mourning the loss of their child due to some one from Gloucestershire.
This is not on, this sort of thing shouldn’t be happening like this in Gloucester. Gloucester was a relatively safe place.
But now?
Now you have to watch your back when you walk home from work just in case a clown wants to chase you or in case you walk into a potential stabbing.
I see so many people wanting to leave such a lovely community because of it.
I see people crying over loved ones because of it.
This needs to stop.
This is not my Gloucester.

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