Things are changing

Things are changing

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a while now. In 2012 LOVE HAYLEY BETH was started as a way for me to moan about my parents without them knowing. They kept looking through my journals and I knew the internet as still a bit of a mystery to them. This then evolved into a way for me to let out my emotions and put my worries into words when I was discovering what it meant to have anxiety and depression. Eventually, I started using my blog as a platform to talk about more than me and to let you in on the things I bought and the things I was loving.

I turned to my blog in times of need when I was struggling in relationships and when I felt like I was all alone. This blog has been my lifeline for the last six years. It has travelled on my journey of self-discovery with me. But for the most part of this journey, I haven’t shared one thing. And that is my love for Harry Potter.

A New Direction

For some reason, I have never felt confident enough to share this part of my life. Despite reading my first Potter book in 2007 (Order of the Pheonix) as part of my summer reading project before starting senior school. I fell in love with Harry and Cho Chang and quite simply couldn’t put it down.

My love for Harry Potter never wavered and it is now stronger than ever. I finally have the confidence to share that love with you. This means more Potter themed posts from hauls to DIYs. But this doesn’t mean I will stop my collaborations, reviews and lifestyle posts. Instead, this will just provide more variety to my blog and reveal who I really am just that little bit more.

The first change you will see is on my Instagram. From Saturday I have been posting one Potter themed once a day alongside one of my ‘normal’ lifestyle or beauty posts. I will then be working on the design of my blog and my logos and cover pictures over the next few months. Again I will be working with my best friend Cameron to achieve this!

I hope this is something that you will also embrace and love! This is an exciting time for me and my blog and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us!

Thank you so much for the support I have received in regards to this decision and the support that I have received throughout the time that I have been writing!

Have a magical week


Hayley Beth

2 thoughts on “Things are changing

  1. It’s always great being able to share something you have a passion for on your blog, makes writing posts so much more enjoyable! And it’s so nice to read a post about something someone is passionate about! Xx

    Andrea | Trxpical Andrea

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