The Story Behind The Business: The Indoor Botanist

The Story Behind The Business: The Indoor Botanist

Welcome to another look into the story behind a brilliant business. Introducing The Indoor Botanist.

Nigel had always had an interest in plants from a young age. as a teenager, he kept propagated house plants and even volunteered as a warden for a local nature reserve. Despite all of this he had never been much of a gardener.

The Indoor Botanist started as a profitable hobby. It wasn’t until a visit to America that Nigel realised there was actually a market for them. Each terrarium is individual with each of them being inspired by life itself.  All it takes is a visit to the park and seeing a couple all loved up or a family walking in the hills, or just simply a bird perched on a bird table to kick off their creative juices. Sometimes they find interesting vessels which simply scream out an idea of their own – such was the case when they found a lampshade which They were then able to adjust to make into a ‘vessel’ which became known as “Rescue” 

Nigel and his wife love incorporating hand-crafted (and hand-painted) miniatures into the terrariums to tell a story or just to put a smile on someone’s face. For example, the Star Wars and Thunderbirds themed terrariums They deliberately only use high-end miniatures, imported from either the USA (used in the ‘contemporary’ range) and Shiwan, China (the Chinese characters called Mudmen). These cost a lot, hence the price of some of the pieces are high – for example, it’s not uncommon for a Mumna to cost us £20!!!

So what is the dream?  Nigel and his wife Bev aren’t out to seek their millions, they just want to earn a comfortable living. One thing they would love to do is commission a piece for a well-known tourist attraction. Recently they were approached by a property developer to commission a large terrarium for a board room. The vessel itself cost a mere £6000. 

Now if you loved the look of these terrariums as much as me, you’ll want to know how you can get your hands on one! Unfortunately, because of their delicate state terrariums, can’t be sent via courier. Instead, you can often find them at fairs and events. Alternatively, they do offer a hand delivery service within 30 miles or they are on occasion happy to meet you half way. The Indoor Botanist recently moved over to a new e-commerce provider making it easier for you to make a purchase. Check out their website here and make sure you read their blog post on the importance of plants within the workplace!

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  1. What a nice business to have. Too bad that they can't send out their products, I am sure many people would love to have one of These to look at everyday 🙂

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