The Willow Tree Lucky Dip Box

The Willow Tree Lucky Dip Box

I love finding little shops that are just full of cute handmade lovelies! These shops are hard to find but when you do find one make sure you visit it often and show it as much support as you can! My local gem is called the Willow Tree and is run by the lovely Amber!

I popped in on Thursday on the hunt for blog props, I wasn’t sure what I was after so I bought myself a £10 Lucky Dip Parcel! Afterall I love a surprise and it is almost like a present to yourself!

Now, how cute is this wrapping! I am a sucker for a bit of twine and a brown paper label! I even used my craft knife to slice through the tape so I could reuse the paper!

So Whats Inside?

  • Badger notebook from Sass & Belle
  • Owl postcard from Alyssa Kinde Fine Art
  • Pack of gift tags from Rose & Willow Paper Co
  • Striped card
  • Turtle card from Bengt & Lotta
  • Love heart ribbon
  • Striped yellow paper straw
  • Super cute pencil
  • Flowery birthday card from Wild Paper Wood
  • Green washi tape
  • Pink scented candle

I can’t wait to use these in my photos and I hope I can get my hands on another lucky dip parcel soon!!!


4 thoughts on “The Willow Tree Lucky Dip Box

  1. Oh this is adorable! I absolutely love cute handmade shops, they have quite a few of them in a little village near where I live and me and my mum always buy a few bits every time we go 🙂
    Alice Xx

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