The Useful Christmas Wish List For Bloggers!

The Useful Christmas Wish List For Bloggers!

Day five and I am still here (only 20 more days to trip me up!), I hope you are enjoying blogmas so far!

As a blogger, I know money doesn’t go very far so I am going to try and keep my wish lists/gift guides as budget friendly as possible! Now, this is a list of gift ideas that bloggers would find useful to help them with their blogging! So without further ado here we go!


There is something about using a pencil to plan my blogs that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! Or maybe that is because I am slightly obsessed with stationery! My favourite pencils have cute messages inscribed on them!

Gold Foil Pencil Set – Dot Creates (£4.30)

Light Box

Ever wondered why your blogger friend has got super excited about natural light? Every blogger knows that winter is horrible for photography and the smallest amount of sunshine can send us into a frenzy! For smaller close-up shots a lightbox is a must have (I bought one for myself last week and I am already in love!)

I bought this one on eBay for just £5.99 but there are plenty to choose from!

Ring Light

Now, this is definitely on my wish list this year! Although it is another photography aid it is just as useful! These are widely available but I’m thinking budget friendly so I’m going to stick with trusty eBay on this one!

Neewer 4-Color Red Yellow White Blue Diffuser for 18″ Ring Light (£12.99)

You can also get ring light attachments for your camera and phone too.

Phone attachment (£2.15)

Camera attachment (£20.49)

Photo Props

Photo props can transform a photo from meh to wow!!! Obviously every blogger has a different style so these are just ideas. I personally love using cabochons as I love injecting colour and cuteness into my posts. I bought all of my cabochons from decodenUKsupplies on Etsy. I also love to add a bit of sparkle to my photos. To achieve this I use silver star-shaped confetti from The Works.


Every blogger needs a fantastic planner and for me, there is only one place to go. Dot Creates is my number one destination for blog planning supplies. Planners start at £5.00 and come in a great range of designs! Pick your blogging friends new planner here!

I hope you have found this list of useful gift ideas, well useful!!! See you tomorrow for another festive blogmas post!



Disclosure: All images excluding that of portraying photo props do not belong to me and have been taken from those listings I have linked, therefore giving due credit.

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