The Story Behind The Business: Papertique

The Story Behind The Business: Papertique

Hello there! Now I know this was supposed to be a weekly series but I have had just wanted to write about so many different things of late! None the less here I am with another fantastic business!

Introducing Anna Wu and her story behind the fabulous business Papertique!

Papertique is a great design business based in Australia! They create many great items such as foil wall art prints, business and event stationery and note cards. So what inspires Anna with her designs?

“Most of our foiled prints are inspirational quotes. I find them empowering especially being a female but also a nice and constant reminder of what we can achieve if we just put out minds to it. I also hope that when people purchase our prints, that they adopt a positive attitude whenever they see the inspirational quote”

Like every business, Anna has many goals and dreams she would like to achieve with her business. Realistically she would like Papertique to become a worldwide recognised brand but just not too big that it outgrows her! But the big dream? Well, that is quite simple she wants to be able to say her designs are stocked in actual stores with walls and a door that customers can actually walk through! But she also wants to be able to have her own website where she can sell her foiled prints and hopefully expand into the world of wedding stationery!

Papertique is still a baby but despite that Anna is already being invited to provide exhibits at expos and markets! You go girl that is something to be proud of!

So how can you get your hands on a motivational foiled print? Anna Currently takes orders through social media so make sure you send her a message on Instagram or Facebook if you like something you see! But if you are lucky enough to live in Perth you can meet Anna yourself at one of the many markets she takes part in!

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