The Story Behind The Business: Dork Face

The Story Behind The Business: Dork Face

I’m back! I took a little break while my laptop decided to break and I decided to well, procrastinate! Today I am introducing you to the business behind the most colourful Instagram account I follow! This is Jemma’s story behind her business Dork Face!

Jemma is a fantastic artist who has a healthy obsession with colour, from her blue hair to her paintings and illustrations. No matter what she is doing she is always thinking about how she can play with colour. Her art is often inspired by fashion photography as editorial pieces often play with light and colour. Jemma is also inspired by nature as it can show her many colour combinations she would never have thought to try before!

Like every business, Jemma has aims and goals, but realistically this is what she wants to achieve!

“Realistically, I just hope to keep going! I just want to be able to do this every day, so every little bit of support from people matters. I’m not expecting my life to change, or to ever get rich from what I do, but I just hope I can earn enough to pay my bills and keep buying Art supplies! 🙂 I see myself exploring different mediums and products, and trying to inspire people.”

To make Jemma’s dream a reality she quit her day job! Jemma tells me the fact she has been able to keep her business going has been her biggest achievement.

“Quitting my ‘normal’ day job was a huge risk, and I’m extremely lucky that it’s worked out well so far. I’m constantly terrified of failing, and I just want to do well! I’m proud that I’ve been going for two years, it feels amazing! I’m also extremely grateful for the people who have shown me love and support.​”

So what is the dream? This is what Jemma told me!

“M​y absolute DREAM is to get noticed by big brands and companies, who would want to hire me to create Artwork for them. I’d love to branch into clothing, creating a line of colourful and unique pieces, and I’d love to meet some of my favourite Artists!​ There are so many around the world who inspire me, and it would be a dream to get to talk to them about their process. I’d also LOVE to branch into book illustrations.”

As you can tell Jemma is super excited to see where the future takes her! You can help her with all of her goals and dreams by showing her some love and support. Jemma sells all of her art and goodies on Etsy but you can also email her directly at if you would like something extra special!

Make sure you also follow her on Instagram to inject a daily dose of colour into your life!


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