The Next Step in my Blogging Dreams

The Next Step in my Blogging Dreams

Hello there!!!

So exciting things are occurring. First of all I have created a Facebook page that will work to support my blog and will also be a place where by I will post all of my writing projects including garage door blogs and any other opportunities that come my way.

Secondly I have made a bit of an investment. I have bought myself a second hand DSLR camera. Photography is already a hobby of mine. I take my Instax mini 8 with me where ever I go!!!
I’m hoping this will improve my photography skills and help me to produce better quality pictures to share with you!!!

I am also beginning the process of branding my blog. This includes the creation of a logo and hopefully a complete redesign. I’m very fortunate to know an amazing person who happens to be a very close friend, who is helping me with all of this. Hopefully I can twist his arm and get him to help me use my camera!!!

These last few weeks have been hard. A lot of things have happened that have knocked me down and I have struggled to get back up. I have been having panic attacks and just generally not feeling myself. This time has also given me a chance to reevaluate my life and what I really want to achieve. I want to do something that makes me happy and something I really enjoy. Because of this I have been putting myself out there. I have advertised my want for writing experience and opportunities on Gumtree and have been applying for I don’t know how many free lance and part time blogging and content writing opportunities. I’ve even been going for jobs outside of Gloucestershire.

So now for a little bit of a plea!!!
Do you run a small business or charity? Do you need someone to write your blog for you or would you like to be featured on my blog? Or maybe you know someone else who would be interested in what I am offering? I would love to come and visit you and find out more. See you hard at work making your dreams come true.
If this is something that appeals to you please email me or message me via my Facebook page. All I ask is that if you are out of the Gloucestershire area you can contribute to my travel costs and maybe throw in an iced coffee!!!

This is my dream and I am working so so hard to make it come true.

Snapchat: lovehayleybeth

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