The Cruelty Free Beauty Box: November

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box: November

Gosh, I feel so delayed in writing this!!! This is the second Cruelty-Free box that I have received and after last months goodies, I was so excited to see what I got this month. And I wasn’t disappointed! So here are my first impressions!

The first thing I saw was a massive bottle of shower gel! Although I am sure it is an amazing product I just don’t like the smell of lavender! Luckily my best friend loves lavender so he is very excited to try it! RRP £5.99

The next item was a Friendly Soap-Shampoo Bar. Again this is lavender but doesn’t smell too strong. I am a little confused as to use it but I will definitely be giving it a go! RRP £2.62

Next up was a Bellapierre Cosmetics- Bella Blender. I am terrible at just not washing my beauty blenders and just buying a new one so it is great to add another to my stash! RRP £12.99

If you follow me on twitter you will have seen I recently got my hands on some essential oil to help me wake up. It has worked so well I was excited to see another product that will help me even more! I can’t wait to see if it works! RRP £8.95

And last but not least I have finally got a coffee scrub!!! I feel as though I am the last person on earth to try out a coffee scrub. I will be sure to post a review as soon as I have tried it out!!! RRP from £4.90


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