The Cruelty Free Beauty Box – March

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box – March

I am on a mission to actually write a first impressions post for this subscription box every month!! No more skipping months, you are going to know about every item I receive and my first impressions! Remember if you want to see/ hear my reactions when I open the box head over to my Instagram highlights!

What I Got!

The Soap Story – Soap Loofah FULL SIZE

Now, this has to be the most beautiful soap I have ever seen! I am so excited to use it and possibly even more excited to take photos of it! It has quite a masculine smell but it reminds me somewhat of my best friend and that makes me feel happy! They are happy tears, Hayley!!!

Le Mont Botanique – Cleanser FULL SIZE

Quite frankly you can never have too many cleansers! I am always excited to have a range of different cleansers as my skin can be so indecisive. Now as someone who doesn’t tend to like the smell of rose I was happily surprised. I love the smell of this cleanser. Rather than smelling super florally it smells more like Turkish delight!

Walden-Eau De Parfum – A Different Drummer

I am a lover of perfume so I was so excited to see this in my box! Unfortunately, I’m not overly keen on the scent. It is quite a woody fragrance and I am more of a fruity girl!

Bellapierre Cosmetics – Shimmer Roll FULL SIZE

GLITTER they gave me glitter! I received the shade champagne and I am in love with it! I just cannot wait to use it!

Zerreau – Towel Off Shampoo

Now, this product excites me! I am so used to receiving dry shampoos in other subscription boxes so to find a different product that does a similar job was awesome! What is also great is that looking at the bottle the people who make this product seem to be based in Stroud! So it is a local business to me!


Overal I am very happy with this box! And I cannot wait to try all of these fabulous products out!


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