The Cruelty Free Beauty Box: December

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box: December

Hello!! I am back!! December was a bit of a tough month so I decided to take a little break from my blog, but that break is over and I am back in full force!

So here it is, a run through of what I received in this month’s Cruelty-Free Beauty Box!

Cougar mineral eyeshadow and mineral eyebrow powder full size £3/£9

Lucky Cloud cleansing balm 15ml £7.50 60ml £20

Le Mont Botanique unrefined rosehip oil 5ml £7.50 15m £17.50

PHB Ethical Beauty face mask £18.50

This months box intends to have you party ready this holiday season, from skin care to fantastic makeup! I am looking forward to trying the face mask and the cleansing balm but I don’t tend to get along with powdered eyeshadow so may keep that as a gift for someone!

As it is Christmas everyone also received a little gift!

Spacemask £3.50


Do you get The Cruelty Free Beauty Box? What did you think of this months box?

6 thoughts on “The Cruelty Free Beauty Box: December

  1. This looks like a good range of products. I’ve been looking at cruelty free and organic make up, so I’ll have to look out for this. Thanks for the lovely post.

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