The Candle Tree Haul

The Candle Tree Haul

Payday came around and I thought it was about time I treated myself! I visited The Candle Tree on College Street in Gloucester. The Candle Tree is a beautiful gift shop located right next to the Cathedral, filled with beautiful candles, wax melts, handmade soaps, and luxury bath goodies! Now we know I am a self-confessed candle addict so surely this place is something like heaven! Just like a bookstore this shop gives me a sense of calm and happiness!

What I Bought!

Wandering around The Candle Tree I wasn’t sure where to look first! It is just full of so many beautiful goodies! One thing that caught my eye was the candles by Beauty Scents. At the moment I am using wax melts far more than I use candles so I was super happy when I saw they also did some gorgeous wax melts! For £7.99 you get ten little melts in a little cloth bag! I chose the Vanilla and Coffee scented melts as it is a scent I haven’t had before! Although I am yet to use these melts yet they are so strong that I can smell them while they are just sat on my shelf!

I then started chatting with the owner of the store about my love for wax melts and she told me about her offer on Yankee Candle wax melts! Any melts that come to the end of their line or out of season get chucked into the bucket and you can get 9 for £9.99! As you can probably guess I couldn’t pass up on that offer so off I went and sat on the floor looking for some new scents! I picked up Sicilian Lemon, Passion Fruit Martini, Moonlight, Summer Peach, Vanilla Lime, Summer Scoop, Viva Havana, Sea Salt & Sage and Dreamy Summer Nights.


I love the bits I have picked up and I can’t wait for next month so I can buy even more goodies! If ever you are in Gloucester make sure you visit The Candle Tree or alternatively you can just pop on their website!

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