Sizzling Summer Market Night

Sizzling Summer Market Night

Ok, so I will admit five posts in a row I must be going slightly crazy!!!! But this post is a little bit of a bonus one!!!
Today I am doing a little bit of a cheeky promo for what is set to be a pretty fantastic shopping event on Facebook. So as the title of this blog suggests the event is called Sizzling Summer Market Night and you can find it here. It is happening on the 23rd July at 7:30 pm BST.

Not only is this a chance for you to discover some brilliant brands and do some great shopping, but they also have a pretty awesome competition going on. You could win either a £10 gift voucher or one of two £5 gift vouchers to spend on the night!!! How awesome is that? To enter all you have to do is click that you are attending the event and share the pinned post. It couldn’t be easier.

So who’s taking part in this night of summer fun you may be asking? Well, here we go!!!

Now it’s not all about the shopping, there will also be some fabulous freebies available. These include exclusive downloadable colouring pages by Hue Hippo, downloadable screen savers from Matt Miles Photography and personal Haiku poems that will be created and provided as a printable download. 
Now because giveaways are quite simply the best thing ever six of these fabulous businesses are holding an extra giveaway on Instagram. With six chances to win you can’t go wrong all you have to go is follow one of the six brands on Instagram and look out for this picture! The brands are as follows:
Don’t forget to have fun shopping on the 23rd July and let me know all the goodies you buy!!!

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