September Blog Goals

September Blog Goals

After a successful August lets hope September is just as awesome! So here are my blog goals for September!

The big blog launch!

As you know I recently moved from Blogger to WordPress and bought my own domain. I’m even self-hosted! As of yet, I haven’t done a proper blog launch and to celebrate the new site I want to host a massive giveaway! I am going to contact businesses that I have already featured on my blog and also some new businesses I would love to work with! I am also going to create an advert campaign of sorts on Instagram and Facebook promoting my blog and the competition.

Mailing list!

In September I sent out my first ever monthly newsletter to the grand total of 9 people! This month I want to send it to 50 people! Might sound crazy but what is a goal with out a bit of work! In order to achieve this, the Awesome Cameron Stroud has designed a beautiful Harry Potter print for everyone who subscribes this month. I am also going to launch a monthly competition open to all subscribers to win a £10 mystery voucher.


I have finally reached the 500 subscribers!!! Yay!!!  Now let’s work on engagement! More likes and more comments! In order to achieve this, I am going to try and use the story function more possibly do a live video… I am also going to try and engage with more accounts more regularly! I have also decided to take part in a different photo challenge every month! This month is #backtohogwartschallenge. It is so great to be able to express my love for all things Harry Potter!

So that is September! If you fancy helping me out make sure to fill out your details to subscribe to the mailing list and click here to follow my Instagram!

What are your goals for September?

6 thoughts on “September Blog Goals

  1. I would love to grow my blog more and make more out of it like yours. Well done on going self hosted. I’m going to be working on getting mine better laid out and getting more actual followers too. Not going to be quick as I’ve got to work everything out and I’m not very technically minded but hopefully!! Love your blog colours and layout it’s lovely. Thanks for sharing your goals

    1. Thank you so much sweet! This has been a long journey and it sure isn’t easy! I’m just lucky I have friends who are tech savvy!!!

  2. These are some good goals to have! I hope that you’re able to hit the subscriber mail list for September! It seems like a big jump but I’m sure you will manage it!

    Lauren 🙂 x

  3. This was interesting to read. I’m also aiming on increasing followers on my blog as well as increse followers on Instagram. September is looking better than August so here’s hoping the trend continues. Cheers!

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