Self Harm and Suicide | Anxiety Talks

Self Harm and Suicide | Anxiety Talks

Hello  my lovelies.
Now this is a bit of a hard post for me to write as it is very personal. And Mum I am very sorry if this upsets you.
So as we all know that subject like self harm and suicide are very common place in today’s media. Unfortunately too many young people are thinking about suicide and are self harming. Like all of my posts I am going to share my experiences. Just as a disclosure this is not me asking for sympathy nor attention seeking.
This blog was inspired by someone very close to me going through a bit of a hard time and the advice I gave to her.
When I was first told I suffer from anxiety I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t control it and felt I needed to punish my self for it. It was also a way for me to prevent myself from panicking. Now I never cut my self instead I would scratch myself until I bled. It has taken me some time to stop self harming but i guess I discovered it didn’t actually do any good if anything it was preventing me from actually learning to control my anxiety.
Now I am very lucky to not feel truly suicidal, there have been days where I wonder if there is any point to life or if anyone would care if I died today. Unfortunately I know several people who have not only considered taking their lives but have also made an attempted at doing so.
When I know a friend is feeling that way I remind them that if they were to go ahead with it what in life they are going to miss out on. For example they will never get the chance to fall in love, they will never get the chance to watch their kids grow up, they will never get to travel the world. They have so much to live for, so live it!
Never ever give up as you never know what good is just around the corner.
If any of you are feeling this way I want you to go to your best friend or your mum and tell them. Talk to them. If you do not feel you can talk to anyone please visit the Samaritans website or call them at  116 123.

Please stay strong

Love Hayley Beth XXX

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