Room Decor Goals

Room Decor Goals

Recently I moved house!!! I am no longer living in a house share, but I am technically a lodger within a house. I am extremely luck that me and my housemate get on so well. She has already inspired me to start eating healthier and looking after me a bit more.
Because I am no longer living in a house share i have got a little more freedom when it comes to room decor. Obviously I do have to be mindful of the fact that I am still in rented accommodation so there are some limitations.
The one thing I missed most when it came to room decor was filling the wall with pictures and little knick knacks. So that is what I did!!! I will keep adding to it but this is what I have done so far. Every thing is hung up using Command sticky hooks. These things are amazing and I am obsessed with them.

The next thing I need was a bit of extra storage. I own so much stuff. Like seriously I don’t know why I own most of it but it needs to go somewhere until I have a massive sort out. I also felt like getting a little creative. So I made this.

Every time I walk into my room I look at it and am amazed that I created something so beautiful. The shelving units themselves are from the Form Konnect range at B&Q and I bought the twinkle lights from Wilko. Everything else I already had and this created the perfect home for it all and of course i needed somewhere to display my love for all things Harry Potter.
Since taking that photo I have also added my now organised makeup and a cute little Polaroid.

This was all so easy and fun to create I can’t wait to do more.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration as to how you can decorate your room!!!

Also I recently started a new job working for a fab little family business called Pro-Door. not only am I working as part of the garage door team, but I am also helping to run the social media outlets. And what is even better I get to write a blog as part of their website. Although reading about garage doors may not be your cup of tea I would love it if you could check it out for me!!!

As Always

Love Hayley Beth XXX

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