Primark Jumper Haul

Primark Jumper Haul

It is officially jumper weather! And to celebrate that I spent a whopping £61 on four new jumpers and a pair of jeans! Now I must apologise in advance, I am not a fashion blogger and I don’t know the first thing about clothes other than they fit me and I look half decent in them!

So let’s go for it! I do hope this doesn’t end up sounding completely terrible!

First of all are these jeans! At just £15 they were an absolute steal! I got them in a size 18 as I find the size 16 are just too tight but as it goes the 18 are a tad loose so a belt will be needed! When I visited Primark all I was able to find were Super Skinny High Waist jeans so I was very excited to find these slightly slouchy ripped jeans! I love that the rips have been ‘repaired’ and are not actually holes!


Now you can’t go jumper shopping without picking up some cable knit jumpers! Primark has a great range of ‘basic’ Cable Knit jumpers in a range of ace colours. I picked a grey one and a purple one. At £10 I will definitely be going back to buy more! I’m currently obsessed with baggy tops so I bought them in a Large!


The next jumper I found was this amazing off-white and orange colour block jumper. I had never gone for the colour block trend before but this jumper is just so cosy I couldn’t resist! This Jumper was £13

The final Jumper is this fantastic mustard colour! Again this is a colour I would have ran a million miles away from before but I saw it and fell in love! I also love that the cuffs are super wide! This jumper was £13.

I hope this wasn’t too awful and has inspired you to buy some new jumpers! A massive thank you to my best friend Cameron Stroud for taking these photos of me! Not only was this my first ever ‘fashion’ shoot it was also his. Please let him know how well he has done in the comments!


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