Primark Birmingham Haul

Primark Birmingham Haul

Last weekend I travelled up to Birmingham to meet up with my friend Parris for the first time! We had a great day of wandering around the shops, eating yummy food at Ed’s Diner and having cuddles with her adorable little boy! Of course, a visit to Primark was a must! Despite it being a slightly stressful visit (it was such a mess!!) I managed to pick up some great items!


The store was so bloody disorganised and they really didn’t have much in the way of clothing options. All we were looking for was some basic tees and well we struggled! Despite that, I did find one! This grey tee with the words ‘just peachy’ embroidered (I think that is the right word) upon it will look ace under my dungarees dress. This tee was just £5.


Before entering the store the one thing I said I wanted was the Chocolate Frog necklace! This necklace comes as part of a set that also contains two bracelets/anklets and four pairs of earrings for just £5. I don’t wear earrings but I can’t wait to start wearing the necklace!

Key Rings

Primark currently has a great range of Harry Potter keyrings but I only allowed myself to pick up two of them this time! I decided on the Chocolate Grog and the Golden Snitch keyrings! The enamel work on the Chocolate Frog keyring is so well done and the Golden Snitch is just gorgeous! These keyrings were just £3 each!


It wouldn’t be a Primark haul without picking up some Harry Potter pins! I am slightly obsessed with all things Honeydukes so I, of course, had to pick up the Honeydukes themed pins! I also love showing my badger pride so the Hufflepuff Quidditch pins were a must! These packs of pins were only £3 each!


I have a terrible obsession with buying cushions at the moment and whenever I see a Harry Potter design I have to have it! And what is better than a Harry Potter cushion? How about a half price Harry Potter cushion! Yep, this 9 3/4 cushion was just £3!!!


I love the bits I managed to find and it was also pretty great getting to meet Parris! Hopefully, we can have another day out soon! What was your favourite item in my haul? Let me know in the comments!


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