Potter Packs by Nifflerscave

Potter Packs by Nifflerscave

I love getting owl post, so when I saw that Lucy aka Nifflerscave was doing her potter packs again I had to get one!

What is a Potter Pack?

A Potter Pack is a little parcel (delivered by owl of course!) filled with Harry Potter items created my indie makers! Each Potter Pack is slightly different containing a variety of different items! For just £10 the idea is that Potter Packs provide you with a great range of indie merch but with just one postage fee!

What Did I Receive?

Luna Pin

This gorgeous pin from Katie Abey just stole my heart! I am obsessed with Luna Lovegood, despite not owning much related merch! I also love pins and this one will look ace once I get my Harry Potter pin pennant sorted!

Snape Coaster

Another design from Katie Abey! I love all of Katie’s designs and this coaster is just fantastic! Despite how dark Snape tends to be this coaster is bright and colourful!

Pocket Mirror

I love merch that is not only beautiful but useful also! I also love that it comes in this gorgeous purple bag to keep it safe while it is in my bag! This item is from Charli Tait Creative.


I am that terrible person who uses post-it notes instead of bookmarks! Although I do have the Enchanted Bookmarks Harry Potter box ordered I was super happy to see this one from Fable and Black! Although it is a Dr Suess quote and not from any of the Potter books I still love that it goes with the magical theme!


I love stickers! I’m currently on a mission to cover my laptop with magical bookish stickers! This Potions class design is from Fairy Cakes.

Gift Wrap

On top of my box when I opened it was this beautiful bit of gift wrap! I love that my piece had the Hufflepuff badger as well as Luna’s Spectrespecs! This item was also designed by Charli Tait Creative!

Other Bits

This box also contained a sticker from the Panini Sticker books and some confetti created out of actual pages from one of the Harry Potter books! I will definitely be using the confetti in my Instagram posts on a regular basis!

My Thoughts

I absolutely adored this box! I love the items included with the Luna pin being my favourite. After a quick bit of research, my box had a retail value of £18.50 which really is fantastic! This figure doesn’t take into account all the separate shipping costs from each of the makers also! I hope Lucy does continue to create Potter Packs as I will be sure to buy some more in the future!


What was your favourite item from my Potter Pack? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Potter Packs by Nifflerscave

    1. Aww yay!!! A fellow badger! Unfortunately her potter packs have now sold out but I know she will be doing some more in a few months! ?

    1. Thanks lovely! It really was fun to open!! I can’t wait to see what owl post I receive in the future! Xx

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