Pick ‘n’ Melt advent calender 2018

Pick ‘n’ Melt advent calender 2018

Just like last year I thought I would put together a little review of the advent calendar I got this last Christmas! Unlike last year however, I opted for a wax melt calendar this time!

I think by now we all know I am slightly obsessed with wax melts and it is hard for me to go even a week without buying some! So in order to keep the habit alive what’s better than a new wax melt everyday?

The Pick ‘n’ Melt advent calendar had 25 doors all with a different scent behind it. I was slightly unlucky and had one repeat but luckily it is a scent I think I like!

The scents:

  • shortbread
  • portly plum
  • mince pies and brandy butter
  • warm gingerbread
  • frankincense and myrrh
  • mistletoe kiss
  • vanilla rumble
  • chocolate orange
  • christmas spice
  • fruit cake
  • mulled wine
  • cranberry cocktail
  • holly berry
  • roasted chestnuts
  • irish cream
  • dad’s xmas pud
  • fruity crimbo
  • spiced orange
  • orange
  • cinnamon and apple
  • snow fairy
  • raspberry trifle
  • fireside
  • peppermint cream (twice)

My favourites

Although I have yet to try all of the different scents, I do have a couple of favourites already! From the ones I am yet to try I am most keen on snow fairy, peppermint cream, fireside and raspberry trifle. From the ones I have tried shortbread, mistletoe kiss and chocolate orange were definitely my favourites! There are a couple I’m not too keen on already but they will be gifted to a friend who keeps trying to steal my wax melts already!

Overall opinion…

On the whole, I loved this calendar. With 25 doors it was great value for money! The only flaw is that some of the doors didn’t have numbers on which was a bit annoying. The scents only really last one go in my wax warmer but they are only 10g pots. This I don’t mind so much because I love switching out my scents and it doesn’t feel like I am wasting anything!

I absolutely loved opening this calendar every day and I will definitely be buying it again this next Christmas! I will also be ordering more wax melts from Pick ‘n’ Melt in the future.

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