Old English Company Haul

Old English Company Haul

After writing about the new enamel pins available on the Old English Company website I just had to do some shopping! I basically bought a bunch of stuff to use for blog/Instagram photos. And I also added to my enamel pin obsession!


I managed to refrain myself and only bought three pins. The first one was the coffee first pin because that is simply the first thing I do every morning! The second pin was the coffee for life pin as quite frankly I believe I am secretly a Gilmore Girl! And finally,¬†I got the, you’ve got this pin. This was because with all the shit and stress I am going through at the moment I sometimes need a little reminder that I am capable and that I will get through it all!

I also got two pin pennants to display my pins on. One is being used for my ‘normal’ pins and the other will be used for all of my Harry Potter once I have attached a Hufflepuff crest to it!


I thought these would be great in the background of photos as they have just the sweetest things written on them! I think my favourite has to be the bring me coffee one as this is very much true! Coffee is often the only way to get me out of an anxiety funk.

Wrapping Paper

I love finding cute wrapping paper to use in the background of photos! I loved the simplicity of this paper and thought it would look great for bookish posts!

So that is all of the goodies I recently ordered! The delivery was super quick and they also resolved a tiny issue really quickly also! What is your favourite item from my haul and have you ever bought anything from Old English Company?

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