Nerd Poured Candles – A Waste of Money?

Nerd Poured Candles – A Waste of Money?

Unfortunately, I have a feeling this is going to be a rather negative blog post! Sorry!! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a couple of rather angry candle posts! Those posts were of course, regarding the candles I received in my NPC candle box.

Nerd Poured Candles

Nerd Poured Candles are a new branch of the well known independent business, Geeky Clean. Each month they are going to create a box of three 100ml candles, an exclusive enamel pin and a bookmark. Each month will have a different theme. I bought their first box which had a theme of ‘For The Love Of Reading’. I initially thought of old books and books that filled everyone’s childhoods with joy! I was actually really excited about this box and maybe that was why I was ultimately disappointed when it arrived.

For The Love Of Reading

As I said before the theme for this box was ‘for the love of reading’. I have recently crawled out of a giant reading slump so this was the perfect theme for me!

What I Received

First thing I saw was the bookmark. I won’t lie, it is a pretty nice bookmark, it is pretty sturdy and had a cute design. What I don’t like is that it is also the spoiler card! This really annoys me as in my opinion a bookmark should be a bookmark and if you want to include a spoiler card you do so separately.

Next up was the pin. I love pins! I did not love this pin. It just doesn’t stand out all that much and they just could have done so much more with it. The pale pink and the rose gold just blend together when really the writing should be a point of focus.

And then we have the candles. The super duper tiny candles. When candles are this small I never see the point in using glass jars, in my opinion, tins look much better. The candles we got were called; Book Dragon, Plot Twist and Currently Reading. Because I am a super duper wonderful person I also thought I would review these candles for you too!

Book Dragon

This candle is supposed to smell of cassis, patchouli and musk. I say supposed because it really did have little to no scent. In my opinion that is because these scents are usually used as base notes of a fragrance rather than being the star of the show. What I did like about this candle was that although when set the wax looks like a deep green or even black, when lit it is actually a super dark red! There also appears to be glitter throughout the candle as you burn it.

Plot Twist

This candle quite simply smells like a bad night out! Smelling or Rum, Spice and Coconut it really is vomit inducing. Honestly, I’m still struggling to understand the reasoning for this scent as it is just vile. I was also slightly angered by this candles design. Mine as you can see just looks like a strange cream colour yet other people received candles which were fully purple or with purple running through them. To me, consistency is the key as people will feel like they haven’t received the same quality as others and will cause them upset.

Currently Reading

If it weren’t for the fact I was the one who lit the candle I honestly wouldn’t have known it was burning. It has no scent what so ever! It is supposedly Floral, Delicate and Sweet. Well, it was so delicate you couldn’t smell it! It is also an incredibly boring looking candle, beige wax…because that is a feast for the eyes!

Overal I have to say I was utterly disappointed by this box! I can’t say I will ever be buying anything from Nerd Poured Candles again. It has also put me off buying anything from Geeky Clean.

Did you buy this box? What were your opinions of it? Let me know in the comments!



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