My Weekend Away: Caerleon Arts Festival

My Weekend Away: Caerleon Arts Festival

This weekend I visited one of my best friends in Newport, Wales. 

I love a good local festival so I was super excited when he told me it was the Arts Festival in his village. I love walking around and looking at all of the beautiful things people have made. 
Now, I must apologise for the zero photos, but I have no confidence using my camera in public at present. 

There were so many great stalls selling jewellery, crystals and clothing, But, my favourite stall was the natural skin care made out of honey and beeswax, oils of olive and sweet almond. I am super poor at the moment so I didn’t buy any but it is now on my wish list.

After looking around the market we went to listen to some of the live music they had on offer. So first of all, was a female duo who weren’t anything to phone home about but the boys did like what they saw!
Now the second band were brilliant. The front man was absolutely bat shit crazy. He had the moves like Jagger and despite being Welsh, did a great rendition of the Proclaimers 500 Miles.! 
Now it wouldn’t be a village festival without a rather awkward belly dancing routine. Imagine your nan and her best buddies in crop tops and jingling skirts. 

Now if you love a good village festival I would definitely recommend visiting next year!

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