My New Photo Set Up

My New Photo Set Up

I finally invested in my Instagram and bought some new lighting! If you remember before Christmas I bought my self a soft light cube! This was great for standard lipstick shots but I wanted to do more than that, I wanted to create something more! Because of this, I bought myself a softbox continuous light. This was only £23.99 on eBay and arrived earlier than it said it would!

With new lighting, I, of course, had to buy some new props! So what did I buy? Well, last Thursday I spent the day walking up and down Cheltenham High Street to find so many goodies!!

First, off I bought some makeup brushes! I love taking pictures of pretty beauty products so thought it was about time I added so gorgeous brushes to go along with them! Now I must say I will not be using these brushes to actually do my makeup they are simply just for photographic purposes. When I asked twitter what brushes I should buy it was a unanimous decision, the unicorn brushes from Primark! So, of course, I had to get them! I also picked up the wand brushes because Harry Potter!

Next up was of course Wilkos. I can’t visit any town centre without having a look round! I managed to pick up a gorgeous waffle throw for just £8. It has made the perfect backdrop for all of my photos! I also got a super cute trinket dish and a bag of 200 unscented tea lights.

I then popped by The Willow Tree and picked up a beautiful plant pot that had been painted pastel purple and white.

Of course, I had to visit TK Maxx on this shopping trip and I was truly spoilt for choice! as I was on a little bit of a budget I couldn’t buy the entire store! Instead, I picked up a garland of card hearts each with different positive messages on!

I’m guessing now you want to see all of these goodies in action…well wait no longer, here are nine hours of work condensed into a couple of photos!

4 thoughts on “My New Photo Set Up

  1. I’m new to blogging and for my first few posts I was just using stock photos but as I gain more confidence I’m taking more of my own shots. I love your pics, they’re so clear and colourful. Thanks for sharing,
    Lesley xx

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