My Morning In Evesham

My Morning In Evesham

If you follow my Snapchat and Instagram you would have seen that on Tuesday I spent the day in Evesham! This admittedly was for work (I was doing a cover shift in the Evesham store) but I am so glad I made the visit.

I started off the day with a lovely full English breakfast lovingly paid for by the company! I chose to get the big breakfast from the weatherspoons. It was big. And it filled me up until tea time!

I wasn’t starting my shift until one so I decided to explore this beautiful town. Evesham is full of Tudor buildings and beautiful flowers. This made a day out with my camera easy. I am a sucker for flower photography! After walking through a couple of beautiful alleyways I found myself in the grounds of the abbey. Considering I live in a city with an absolutely stunning Cathedral I was taken aback with the Abbeys beauty. The gorgeous weather obviously helped but Evesham is incredibly lucky to possess such architecture. Walking through the clock tower I was shocked to find a fantastic park right by the River Avon. Filled with a lily pond, children’s water play area, bandstand, wooden play park, basketball courts and a skatepark. This park was one word. PERFECT! And if that wasn’t enough you have the river, with boat trips and swans.

Most of you won’t know this but I am obsessed with swans! My GCSE Photography exam was based completely on swans! So when I got the opportunity do a swan photo shoot I really did! I took a lot of photos!

After visiting the park I wandered through the town. With a great mixture of well-known high street brands and independent stores, it was sad to see so many empty units. This is a beautiful town but is so close to the likes of Cheltenham and Gloucester so that is the obvious choice when it comes to shopping.

The time then came to start work and honestly the customers were some of the loveliest I have ever come across! So polite and friendly, it was a nice surprise!


I can’t wait to visit Evesham again soon, this time with a picnic on my day off!!!


8 thoughts on “My Morning In Evesham

  1. Wow – gorgeous swans! They always seem so graceful and even peaceful. Love the bridge photo, too! It would be wonderful if the empty shop units could be filled and that area be revitalized. Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂

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