My Goals For April

My Goals For April

Every month I have decided to set myself some goals in which to achieve. These goals are based upon the areas of my life I wish to improve from the month before. So here are my goals for April!!!

Be Happy
Isn’t this what everyone wants really? Happiness comes in many different forms and I am forever trying to find the source of mine.

Stay Positive
At the moment I am finding it so hard to only see the negative side of a situation and it only causes me to over think and just feeling really down.

Think Of Others Before Myself
Very recently I realised that the things I say and do although not intentional can upset others. Sometimes me trying to express my concern can have adverse effects.

Write More
I have realised that I have seriously neglected something that genuinely does mean a lot to my life. So this month I am going to try and do some sort of writing everyday be it on this blog or in my journal.

At the end of the month I will look back and see how I have come along and if I have achieved my goals.


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