My future with The Body Shop

My future with The Body Shop

So I haven’t been with The Body Shop as an At Home Consultant for very long but I have some big plans! As opposed to just trying to flog individual items from the catalogue I am going to try and create ‘kits’. Each kit will come with a random makeup bag and look super super cute!

So these kits are not completely set in stone but this is what I have been thinking so far!

Makeup remover kit!

It really shocks me when I still see people using baby wipes and makeup remover wipes to take their makeup off with.  They do absolutely no good to your skin and the fact that they are cheap should tell you everything really! Because of this, I am going to make it easy for you with this kit. It will contain the Chamomile Sumptuous Balm, Muslin Cloth, Tea Tree Clearing Facial Wash and a makeup bag. Normally all of this would cost you £23.50 but because I’m nice you can have it for just £18.00.

Home Spa Kit!

Everyone needs to treat themselves every once in a while and if you are like me you can’t always afford a trip to the spa. So this kit will contain the Honey and Almond Milk Bath Milk, Face Mask of your choice, Candle of your choice and a cute toiletry bag. So if you were to buy all of this individually it would come to £44.00 but as this is a special kit you will only have to pay £35.00

The Eye Kit!

Ok, this kit needs a good name!!! Basically, the whole gist of this kit is to give you eyeshadows that will make the colour of your eyes pop! S this kit will contain a Black Kohl Liner, Mascara, Four Eyeshadow Shades, Quad Case, and a cute makeup bag. So normally all of this would come to £46.00 but I am doing it at the ace price of £30.00.

The Big Birthday Kit!

Now, this is the perfect gift for every Body Shop lover! This kit will contain some body shop favourites and you can choose what the recipient receives!!! So this kit will contain and Body Butter of your choice, a Shower Gel of your choice, the Poppy Universal Velvet Stick, and a Body Mist of your choice. Each Item will be individually wrapped in tissue paper and come with a cute gift box.  So usually this would come to £45.00 but as it is a special kit you only have to pay £35.00

Now for the BIG news!

If you have been watching my Instagram story of late you will have seen I have decided to create a subscription box of sorts filled with Body Shop products!!! Now this will cost only £15.00 a month but if you were to pay for three months in advance it would be £40.00, for six months it would be £70.00 and a whole year would be £120.00. Payment would be made via PayPal and I would simply send you a payment request on the first of every month it is due and I will send the box out to you once you have paid! I will try my best not to send you any repeat items but you might get different scents/flavours of items such as hand creams and body butter!

Now if you are interested in the subscription box and would like to pay for and receive your first box in January please fill out this google doc and I will send you a payment request on the first of January 2018!!!

I hope you are as excited as me about the future and I hope you will support me with all of this!!! Make sure you join my facebook page to keep up with all my latest offers and giveaways!

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