My First Fine Dining Experience at Prithvi

My First Fine Dining Experience at Prithvi

I was recently invited to my first ever blogger event and yesterday was the big day! The event I was invited to was Prithvi’s autumn menu launch. Prithvi is an award-winning Indian restaurant in Cheltenham. They opened in 2012 and in that time they have won many awards including, The National Restaurant Award, Cotswold Food and Drink Awards; Best Restaurant and is ranked number one out of 346 restaurants in Cheltenham.

This was not only my first blogger event but my first experience of fine dining. I’m used to visiting fast food places and chain restaurants so this was indeed a change of pace for me!

The first to arrive.

I am terrible for arriving early and of course, I was the first to arrive! I was greeted by the lovely Mel who was hosting the event and the owner of Prithvi; Jay. A member of staff then took my coat and I had a lovely conversation with both Mel and Jay. I was then offered a drink (I went for orange juice) and we had a joke about how I should be having something stronger as I had managed to get the day off work! At this point, I took a seat at one of the larger tables for four and was pleasantly surprised to discover they had a miniature table for my bag to sit on!

At long last other bloggers joined my table and I wasn’t so alone! I was fortunate to meet the lovely ladies behind and

And now for the grub.

We started off with two yummy mouthfuls of flavour which not only tasted exquisite but looked beautiful also! Now I am utterly terrible and can’t remember what these were but I think we can all agree they look amazing!

Now the first course was a tandoor baked salmon with beetroot, cucumber and mango. I had never had baked salmon before and I have to say I would definitely order it again! The flavour just erupted in my mouth and it was just fantastic. I had honestly never tasted anything like it before!

Next up was welsh lamb with couscous and legumes. I’m not a big fan of red meat but this was cooked to perfection. The couscous was also something I was cautious of as it is again something I am not keen on but the texture was perfect and just like everything else, tasted delightful!

Now if i told you I had venison at an Indian restaurant you would probably say I had gone crazy! But I haven’t and I did! This meal was just a bunch of first for me as once again I had never had venison before! So the third course was venison with butternut squash and a ginger and cinnamon reduction. This was for sure my favourite course and I just want to eat up all over again!

And finally onto desert! Not only was it a feast for my stomach but a feast for my eyes! Passion fruit cream, mango gel, coriander and honey  crumble. All of these flavours came together to create a beautiful desert and I think you will agree with me when I say it looks like a work of art!

All in all this meal was utterly fabulous, there was a great relaxed atmosphere and I got the chance to not only taste some delightful food but also meet some other local bloggers! I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to be able to attend another event! If you ever get the chance make sure you pay Prithvi a visit, you will not regret it but in the mean time be sure to visit their website here!!!

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