My Favourite Pottergrams

My Favourite Pottergrams

Today I thought I would share my favourite Potter themed Instagram accounts! These accounts give me inspiration every day and also will me with collection jealousy on a regular basis! But it is these accounts that keep me going every day and motivated me to embrace my love for all things magical! While you are reading this post don’t forget to also follow me on Instagram!


Blossom AKA the Hufflepuff queen of embracing her Hufflepuff pride! She is super friendly and a true Hufflepuff!


Greg is another super friendly Potterhead who was nothing but encouraging when I decided to embrace the wizarding world!


George is new to the wizarding world of Instagram but like all the other people mentioned in this post, she is lovely, kind and supportive!


Danielle again is lovely (this will be a reoccurring sentence!) and she has one of the most aesthetically pleasing Pottergrams!


This potter pin collector has a collection that I for sure envy!


I hope you like the look of these Potter accounts and make sure you give them a follow! What other Potter-themed posts would you like me to write? Let me know in the comments!

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