My Favourite Instagrammers

My Favourite Instagrammers

Hello! I don’t really have anything interesting to say right now…

Because of this, I thought I would just share the Instagram accounts that I have been loving recently! Yes, this is a bit of a filler post and yes I am writing this in a bit of a rush at silly o’clock at night on a Sunday…

So yeah I guess these are some people I like!

Connie Glynn

Connie is also a youtuber I have discovered recently! I am a little late to the party but I’m not that bothered! I love the pastel theme she has going on and the incorporation of all things kawaii in a Disney dominated theme!

A post shared by Connie Glynn (@connieglynn) on

A post shared by Connie Glynn (@connieglynn) on


Jordans feed is basically a whimsical dream! You really can tell how hard she works on creating such beautiful imagery.


Another feen with equal parts Disney and kawaii goodness! I wish I had the confidence to be just as colourful as Emily but I will just stick to my jeans and plain t-shirts for now!


So there we have it! I hope this blog post wasn’t completely terrible! I will be back on Friday with this month’s independent buys round up and then it is on to university and a whole three years of new adventures!

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