My Daily Skincare Routine

My Daily Skincare Routine

I recently did a poll on my Instagram recently asking if you would like me to do a post on my daily skin care routine! The majority won so here it is! Now I want to say first off, I’m not a skincare expert and I’m probably not doing everything right but this is simply how I look after my skin!


This is the first thing I do every morning without fail! Garnier’s Micellar Water is my go to! I use the one specific for dry and sensitive skin as my skin is quite simply a nightmare! I can wake up one day with it feeling fresh and clear and then other days it is super itchy and flaky! As soon as I use this my skin feels clean and ready for the day! Not only do I cleanse at the start of the day but I also make sure I do the same before bed! It easily cleans away the grime of the day and is amazing at removing my makeup!


Like I said above my skin is often dry and flaky (mostly my forehead) so finding the right moisturiser that does a good job but wasn’t super heavy on my skin has been a challenge! I am a big fan of Body Shop’s skincare products and they are always my go to! Every morning I use the drops of youth, youth fresh emulsion. It also contains SPF 20 meaning I have protection from the sun without the need of sun lotion!

At night I use Body Shops Vitamin E Moisture Cream. This is great as it replenishes my skin with all the good stuff and is quite a light cream that ‘soaks in’ quickly which is ideal for use just before bed!

Just doing these simple things have meant my skin is now in a good condition! I still get bad skin days and the occasional spot but I’m young and that is bound to happen! My skin has also got better since I stopped drinking cows milk. Since using soya milk in my day to day life I have found outbreaks have reduced drastically!


What are your go-to skin care products? I would love to hear about them in the comments!!!

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