My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas Wish List

Now I know you have already read my letter to Santa but I thought I would put together my Christmas list of things I need slash want. I am in no way expecting to actually receive anything off this list as I am having a loners Christmas this year but I like window shopping and hoping everything on this list will be in the boxing day sales so I can afford it all myself!!


After having a massive clear out (of which everything is still in bin bags in my room…) I quickly realised I only own one pair of jeans! For me, jeans are like most girls sweats. I live in them, I chill out in them I do everything in them. So realistically I need at least three more pairs!!!

Bath Bombs

I recently discovered a super ace site called Pretty Suds. They sell handmade bath bombs, soaps, shower gels and pretty much anything you can use in the bath! So far I have only used their Candy Land bomb and it was amazing! I do still have the Banoffee Pie and Sorting Hat bombs to try along with the Chocolate Frog soap that are sitting patiently underneath my bed! Yes, you did read that correctly! Pretty suds have an entire range of harry potter inspired products. This range is called A Touch Of Magic and you guessed it! I want it all!!! Luckily for me, they do a great set that contains the entire range for just £24.95.  They also do a range called unicorns are real and of course, as I am part unicorn I feel as though I need this range in my life! This set is £14.95. Now this wouldn’t be a Christmas list without mentioning Pretty Suds Christmas range and you guessed it I want to try each and every one of them!

Fluffy Socks

My house is super cold and I haven’t figured out how to put the heating on yet so I always have cold feet! I also suffer from super smelly feet so I tend to avoid wearing slippers. So yeah, fluffy socks would be useful!

I Heart Makeup Chocolate Range

I have recently developed an obsession with eyeshadow palettes. Because of this, I love finding affordable ones. Makeup Revolution is one of my go-to brands at the moment and I love their fortune favours the brave palette. I also like palettes that have cute packaging and I am a lover of all things kawaii. Because of this, I am obsessed with the look of their Chocolate range by I Heart Makeup! Would it be really bad to want all 12 of them? Plus think of the Instagrams I could post!

Coffee Syrups

I have recently started adding food flavouring to my hot chocolates and as great as they are they just don’t work quite right! So I would love to get my hand on some syrups so that I can experiment even more!

So there we have it! My Christmas list for this year! Let me know in the comments what you are hoping for this year and to any of my friends if you were stuck as to what to buy me this year your welcome (P.S. I wear size 18 Primark jeans)


Disclosure: I do not own any of the pictures used in this post and they have been taken directly off the listings that I have linked therefore giving them due credit.

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  1. Bath bombs and fluffy socks are definitely a must at this time of the year! And I got my brother those exact same syrups for Christmas last year and he said they were amazing! I hope you get some!

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