My Bullet Journal Spreads

My Bullet Journal Spreads

I jumped on the bandwagon and I started a bullet journal. This all happened because I won a beautiful personalised Leuchttrum 1917 notebook in Noted in Style‘s Instagram giveaway a couple of months ago.

Now the reason I am writing this post is that my bullet journal isn’t in anyway beautiful or artistic. It is decorated with stickers and filled with clashing colours! But despite this, I am still sharing my basic spreads with the world to prove that a bullet journal can be basic. You don’t have to be artistic to create one!

My spreads

So far I have only done annual spreads. This is because I wanted to f into the habit of using it on a regular basis before jumping into monthly spreads! As you will see I am yet to master adding it to my routine as there is a chuck where I may have forgot…

2018 goals

I decided to write down a few things that I would like to achieve this year. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t achieve them but it would be nice if I did!

Mood tracker

This is almost a must in all bullet journals it seems! As you can see this year has been pretty good so far!

Sleep tracker

I’ve been struggling with my sleep for a while so I thought this would be a good thing to track. Although most people track how long they sleep for I thought I would track whether or not it was a good nights sleep.

Savings tracker

This year I am going to university so I needed to start saving. At the end of every month, I add to the trackers. Each time I add to the tracker I will use a different colour each time I add to my saving accounts.

Blog views tracker

I wanted to track something to do with my blog and I thought views would be the obvious choice! As you can see March was an amazing month for me but a month I know will be hard to beat!

You may have noticed that I only use one side of each page. This is because on the blank pages I am going to print off my favourite quotes and stick them in.

Hopefully, as I become more confident I will be able to create more spreads with you!

2 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal Spreads

  1. You’re really good at keeping up with your bullet journal. I’m terrible with most trackers and so I usually don’t add them to my spreads! The only tracker I have is the one to see how many times I work out throughout the year. Your bullet journal is cute, simple and yet effective! Great post Hayley xxx

    Melina |

    1. I do struggle to remember most days! But I can easily look back through my twitter to see what was up with me most days! Thank you for reading!!! xxx

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