My Birthday Wish List

Ok, yes it is still February and yes, my birthday isn’t until April but I’ve been getting super organised this month! Part of that organisation was planning out everything for university! The run-up to moving is going to be difficult financially, I am going to get rid of my overdraft and save as much money as possible! To try and ease the financial strain I am going to be under I thought that I should ask for the things that would be most useful to me once I get to uni!

What I am Wishing For!

Saucepans! Not the most exciting but they are a necessity! To make this a little more exciting I want pink ones! This is purely so that they stand out and I know that they are mine when I am living in a flat of up to ten people!

Plates! Again just practical! I need something to eat off! But I don’ want anything plain and boring, no, this girl wants the unicorn set from Asda!

Cutlery! This is the worlds most boring wishlist…But I need cutlery and I like the holo set from Asda.

Bath Bombs! With the stress of being a skint little blogger, I will need some way of relaxing! And a girl can never have too many bath bombs!

Fairy Lights! Because quite simply you can never have too many fairy lights! I would love to have some to wrap around my bed headboard!

Vintage Camera! I love collecting vintage cameras and I haven’t added to the collection for a while now.

Hufflepuff Edition of Philosophers Stone! I am determined to collect all of the Hufflepuff editions and this one came out at the start of the year!


So there it is my birthday wish list for this year! What are you wishing for this year?


  • Hiro

    These don’t seem all that boring at all! Having kitchenware is a lifesaver. It’s crazy how much they add up in costs when you have to start collecting from zero.

    It’s been years (read: middle school) since I celebrated my birthday, so not really wishing or expecting anything this year either. I’d love just cash so I can put it to practical use or save ? That’s when you know you’ve reached the boring old adult fart phase… when all you want is to save money for the bills… ?

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