Mini Haul From Paperchase

Mini Haul From Paperchase

I did it, I popped my Paperchase cherry! For years I would wander around the concession stand in House of Fraser in Cheltenham looking at all of the beautiful pens and greetings cards.

What I Bought

I have recently been on the hunt for a beautiful leather wrap around journal! They just look stunning and I have always wanted to own one! I found this absolutely stunning one for just £14 in their sale! It is kept shut by sliding the skeleton key through the loop! I didn’t realise until it actually arrived that it is also really glittery!

I then thought I need a special pen to write all my inner thoughts down with. This pen was £5 and I am in love! Watching the glitter fall is actually really therapeutic!

I then needed to spend a bit more money to be able to qualify for free shipping! To do this I picked up another trinket dish. This is becoming a terrible affliction! But this one is a little different from the others I already own! Instead of being white it is actually a dark navy blue. It also has my start sign on it! I can’t wait to use it for some birthday photos! This item was also £5.

I then thought I would pick up some uni supplies! I’m going to be doing a lot of note taking so good pens is a must! Because of this, I decided to pick up a pack of pens! These were £2.

I love my mini haul and can’t wait to buy more of these beautiful pens!

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