McDonald’s Christmas Menu 2016

McDonald’s Christmas Menu 2016

Hello there!!!
So yesterday during my quick shopping trip before work I decided to try McDonald’s new Christmas menu for 2016. So here is McDonald’s promotional poster for the new range:

Now looking at this picture I knew I had to ditch my failed attempt at a diet and go check it out. So I bought the festive cheese feast and the terry’s chocolate orange mcflurry.
Now my first moan is that on the first day of the Christmas promotion the store I visited did not have any of the chocolate banoffee pies. Like WTF?!?! How do you not have promo items on the first day of a promo???
So this is what the food looked like when I sat down to eat:

So as you can see the burger is literally a big tasty with some cheese and cheese sauce. Now to me that really does not scream Christmas. In fact it tells me that McDonald’s really could not be arsed this year. Like dude when I think of Christmas I think cranberry sauce and turkey. But NO they just wanted to use up left over promo meat.
The other thing that annoyed me during this visit was that my Christmas mcflurry was in the wrong cup. I actually had to check to see if they had  given me the correct mcflurry. This mcflurry cup still says malteaser. now this usually would not bother me but I went to McDonald’s yesterday specifically for the Christmas menu and when I don’t get what i wanted I am not too pleased.

Now the burger did taste nice I have no complaints about that, it just isn’t in the slightest bit festive. What I do know though, is that I will not be buying the Christmas mcflurry again. Not going to lie it was shit. It did not taste like a chocolate orange in the slightest in fact I could barely taste the orange. Over all I woulld give it just one christmas out of five. ?
Obviously these are only my opinions and I am sure many of you will love their new Christmas menu so I do urge you to all go and try it out. If you do try it let me know what you thought in the comments or tweet me @lovehayleybeth

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog
As always much love
Hayley Beth XXX

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2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Christmas Menu 2016

  1. The only thing I every try from the McDonald's Christmas menu is the cheese bites as it's the only time of year that they sell the good ones! I love them and wish they'd keep them all year. As for the rest of it, I'm buzzing that they've bought the chocolate banoffee pie back as I was ADDICTED to it the first time they bought it.

    I tend to stick to the same meal each time with McDonald's, the same as everywhere as I tend to be a creature of habit and like to play it safe. But their toffee latte's are to die for!

    Loved this post and I love the 'one christmas out of five' rating. Much more festive than their burgers! 🙂

    1. I do adore the chocolate banoffee pie also but it was out of stock on the day I visited. Thank you for giving this a read and i am so happy you enjoyed it!!! Much love Hayley Beth xxx

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