March Geek Gear World of Wizardry Box

March Geek Gear World of Wizardry Box

My World of Wizardry box finally arrived today…on the 6th of April. The March box turned up six days into April. I didn’t help that they were already dispatched late but to not arrive in the month it is meant for without an apology wasn’t ace. Of course, my first point of call when asking where the hell my box was, was Twitter. To which I was told oh it will be there soon…

Ace customer service love…

What I Received

Ultimately although late it did finally arrive and I finally got to discover how satisfying all the YouTubers think opening the box is! Turns out I felt no satisfaction!

As you open the box you are welcomed by tissue paper in your house colours. I am a Hufflepuff so my tissue paper is yellow!


In every box, you receive a Harry Potter themed t-shirt. This month it had Lupin in both of his forms on the front! It really is gorgeous and I can’t wait to be able to wear it to bed at some point! We also got a pair of socks in this box! Because I am a Hufflepuff mine had a yellow tie on the front!


Just like with the t-shirts you also get a bunch of recipes and related utensils in every box! In this months box, we received cookie cutters! These were in the shape of an owl, golden snitch and the sorting hat! Along with the cookie cutters, we also got cookie recipes and two fudge recipes! I can’t wait to try them out and attempt to make them dairy free friendly!


Now, this excited me! First of all, I am a huge lover of stationery, but secondly, I received one of the items that are on my birthday shopping list! I love watching videos on Instagram of people using wax seals and I have wanted my own set for so long! And we got one in the box! So of course as I am a Hufflepuff mine came with yellow wax and Hufflepuff stamp. I am still going to buy a full set with the special spoon and more wax but I was over the moon to receive this little set!

We also received a pen! Do you remember those pens when you were younger that have all the different inks? Well, it is one of those! It is also a Weasley and Weasley Quality Goods pen so of course, I fell in love with it right away!


The pins in these boxes are one of the reasons I signed up for this box! Seeing the head girl and head boy pins that people received in a previous box turned me into the green-eyed monster! This month we received three pins. A jumper, a tie and a scarf and they were of course in our house colours! I can’t wait to find a cute way t display them!


Every box contains a print of some sort and this months print is a beautiful picture of Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Pheonix! It really is beautiful and I am tempted to buy a frame for it!


Yes, I am slightly excited about it! It is my first ever wand and although it did belong to one of my lesser liked characters (unpopular opinion…sorry) I am in love with it! It is Ron Weaslys broken wand! The box also has a note printed on it from the one and only Molly Weasley.

My overall opinion

The wait was unacceptable and meant I also needed to avoid Instagram stories and Youtube so that I didn’t stumble upon any spoilers. But the contents of the box was really good! I just hope I don’t have to wait so long for this months box and that Geek Gear have learnt from their mistakes!

If you like the look of what I received why not subscribe using my referral link here!

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    1. Thank you so much! I adore the pins too! Can’t wait to see what I get over the next few months! And welcome to my magical blog! Xx

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