March Favourites

March Favourites

I haven’t done one of these posts in about a year! But I had a little bit of a writer’s block and realised I have been liking a few new things as of late! These are items that I have been liking over the last few months but because it is March, well I thought I would just call it march favourites! So without further ado, let’s find out what I have been loving!

Yankee Candles

I have always seen Yankee Candles as being rather upmarket and something I generally couldn’t afford. This all changed when I fell in love with the Christmas scent Snowflake Cookie. After purchasing the wax melt in that scent I knew I had to buy the candle version! Luckily Christmas had been and gone and the candles were on offer! I managed to get the large jar candle for half price!!!

After buying the Snowflake Cookie I was hooked! Which meant I, of course, had to pick up the Yankee Candle Home Inspirations Blueberry Muffin jar candle for £8 in Wilkos! I now have a wish list of all the different scents I want to buy! Just to figure out what to do with all of the empty jars now!

Wax Melts

Now candles aren’t my only waxy obsession at the moment! I am obsessed with wax melts too! As I mentioned before I have fallen in love with all things Yankee Candle, so of course, I picked some of their wax melts and My best blogger buddy Parris also sent me some in our Blogger Box Swap! I have also bought some melts from a lovely facebook seller Fizzy Smelts and some more from Asda!

Primark X Harry Potter

Oh, really the blogger who talks about Harry Potter all day every day loves the Harry Potter range at Primark, well shock horror! Normally I wouldn’t get so excited but I paid a visit to the Bristol store this month which to my surprise they had Hufflepuff goodies! And not only did they have Hufflepuff they had every Hogwarts house! I bought the Hufflepuff sweater and pyjama set, Hogwarts light at half price and a Hufflepuff cushion! I did also get a Mango candle that smelt so good I had to buy a mango drink afterwards!

Dairy Free Cheese Flavoured Sauce

After an incident including some cheese, my stomach and the toilet I came to the conclusion that dairy wasn’t the one for me! I hadn’t been able to drink milk for a couple of years and ice cream gives me a funny belly to all the pieces fit quite well. I also had a sudden yearning to start cooking properly. With this came the conundrum of how do I make some of my favourite foods such as lasagna and mac and cheese? So onto the Holland & Barrat website I went and found the answers to my prayers! And it is budget friendly too!

Felt Letter Board

Everyone knows I love my letter board from Get Ginger Snap! It sits pride of place on my bedside table and forever gets compliments from my friends! For a while it has had the quote ‘DONUTS FOREVER DIETS NEVER’  it but I feel like changing it up a bit!


I hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know if I should do them more often!


3 thoughts on “March Favourites

  1. I bought an insane amount of candles over Christmas, and I’m still trying to burn them all, so my bedroom still smells very festive at the moment.. ???‍♀️ I love the sound of Blueberry Muffin though! ?

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