Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: My Thoughts

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: My Thoughts

This year I bought myself a beauty advent calendar. With so many on the market these days it was so hard to choose which one to buy, but since I have recently fallen in love with Makeup Revolution this was the obvious choice. I managed to get it on offer for about £25 at the end of November and I felt like a kid again! Now I can’t remember exactly what I got on each of the days but here are some beautiful photos!!!


  • three baked highlighters
  • one bronzer
  • six lipsticks
  • four brushes
  • one eyeshadow primer
  • one liquid highlighter
  • one travel mirror
  • two pressed highlighters
  • two strobe balms
  • one revoholic eyeshadow palette
  • one anti-shine balm
  • two lip glosses

My Thoughts:

I love the great range of products and was genuinely excited to open the calendar every morning. I was disappointed in the major similarities of a couple of the lipsticks and the fact they included so many highlighters and didn’t bother to include a fan brush. I would have appreciated fewer highlighters in exchange for a product such as lipliners. Overall I think this is an ace calendar for makeup addicts everywhere and I can’t wait to try out all the products! Did you have a beauty advent calendar this year? Which one did you get and what did you think of it?

3 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: My Thoughts

    1. This calendar didn’t contain any concealers…the items in the glass tubes are eyeshadow primer and liquid highlight which I am yet to try!!

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