Macrame Workshop at The Willow Tree

Macrame Workshop at The Willow Tree

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am obsessed with one local store in particular! That store, of course, is The Willow Tree!

The Willow Tree is a beautiful gift shop come coffee shop run by the amazing Amber! Someone whom I am very lucky to be able to call my friend.

The Willow Tree run regular and fabulous craft workshops and this week I popped along to a new one for the store! The title of this post has probably given away what I got up to but in case you missed it I took part in a macrame workshop!


So what is macrame I hear you ask? Well, it is quite simply the art of tying knots to make beautiful things! In this workshop, we attempted to make wall hangings! Now I use the word attempted in regards to myself. The rest of the group made absolutely beautiful wall hangings and well mine, well mine is interesting!!!

As part of the workshop, you are provided with all the tools you will need to make your wall hanging. These included the string and wooden dowel. For this workshop, we were supplied with a natural piece of wood.

How to Make a Wall Hanging

We were then taken through the process step by step! First off was how to tie the rope of the wood. This step sounds rather simple yet my brain thought otherwise.

The next section was made up of square knots! These reminded me a lot of how you used to make scoobies as a kid so I found them super easy!

The section of square knots was then sectioned off using a type of knot called a half hitch. I can’t even explain how you do them because quite frankly I’m not sure I completely understand how to do them!

Next up was a diamond square knots! This section was then supposed to be finished off with some fore half hitch knots. Because of my deep hatred for them, I instead opted to do some more of the square knots!

When you are happy with your pattern you can trim the ends and start combing out the ends of the string! This is a very long process and unfortunately, because my fringe is quite long I didn’t quite finish combing it out. But this is completely fine as I can easily do this some other time!

My Thoughts

I absolutely loved this workshop! Despite the fact it did stress me out a little I had a great laugh!

The Willow Tree is hosting another macrame wall hanging workshop on the 10th of may and you can book your place here!

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